Another black pastor faces backlash from ‘disgusted’ community after claiming Trump gave African-Americans ‘new hop…

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux of Sacramento’s Calvary Christian Center. Image via screengrab.

After attending a  meeting with fellow black evangelicals at the White House, one California pastor is facing a backlash from his community for praising Donald Trump.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported that Phillip Goudeaux of Sacramento’s Calvary Christian Center was one of more than a dozen black Christian leaders who met with Trump on August 1. In the meeting, Goudeaux claimed Trump has “given us a new hope,” and another attendee referred to him as “the most pro-black president we’ve had in our lifetime.”

“Please don’t give up on California and Sacramento,” the pastor said during the meeting. “I’m right in the capital there, and we’re working in every area to try to make a…

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