Annual Africa Week Celebrates Continent’s Culture Through Fashion, Film and Entrepreneurial Inspiration

This week, several student organizations put on a series of events as part of Cornell’s annual Africa Week, a celebration of culture that draws a diverse audience from the campus diaspora.

The opening ceremony kicked off Monday with pizza, wings and Africa-themed jeopardy.

Nana Britwum ’18, co-president of Ghanaians at Cornell, attested to Africa Week’s ability to bring together people from diverse African backgrounds.

“I think it does attract a very diverse crowd,” Britwum said. “I love introducing new people to the culture, food, history, I guess the fun of the continent … I think it’s great that we do things like this so people know we are present.”

Wednesday’s Ankara Day was planned to take place on the Arts Quad, but was curtailed by a bout of Ithaca’s fickle weather….

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