Ancient Moroccan dental remains elucidate history of long-lost African fauna

The lower jaw of Stylolophus minor, holotype of the new species. C is 3-D model reconstructed from CT scans. It shows by transparency the teeth roots, and especially those of the anterior incisors that are enlarged and oriented (tilted) horizontally as in the early proboscidean Phosphatherium.Length of M1-3 series: 38.5 mm. Scale bar, 10 mm. Credit: Photographs by Philippe Loubry (MNHN). Drawing by Charlène Letenneur (MNHN)

Long before rhinoceros, giraffes, hippos, and antelopes roamed the African savannah, a group of large and highly specialized mammals known as embrithopods inhabited the continent. The most well known is Arsinoitherium, an animal that…

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