An African street café and more by Barthélémy Toguo makes a splash in the Hamptons

Installation view: Barthélémy Toguo: The Beauty of Our Voice at the Parrish Art Museum. Foreground: Mobile Cafeteria (2018). Rear: Stupid African President (2006). Right: Homo Planta (2018).
Jenny Gorman

What comes to mind when thinking of the Hamptons? An African street café maybe doesn’t make the list, but New Yorkers catching the last of the summer rays on Long Island can experience just that with the participatory work Mobile Cafeteria by the Cameroonian-born Barthélémy Toguo, part of his current show at the Parrish Art Museum. The work—complete with various Ludo board games, colourful throw rugs and table settings to serve coffee—recreates the feel of gathering…

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