Amenta Abioto Blends Jazz, R&B and African Music in a Way That Can Only Be Called Magical

4. Amenta Abioto (52 pts.)

SOUNDS LIKE: An eclectic black dream from the Jazz Renaissance era, reborn in modern times.

NOTABLE VOTES: Freelance music critic Robert Ham, S1 director Felisha Ledesma, Beacon Sound owner Andrew Neerman.

“I always talk about my dad as being influential because he’s the music maker, but I’m tired of that,” Abioto says. “My mom is an extraordinary human with phenomenal artistic abilities, and she has always inspired and supported my dreams and the dreams of my sisters.”

Abioto says she was never really pushed to pursue music, but growing up in the kind of home she did, it was hard for her not to be drawn in that direction. With jazz, R&B and various forms of African music reverberating around her as a child, it makes sense that each of those…

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