Alexandra Shipp Claps Back at X-Men Fans Who Want a Dark-Skinned Storm

The Marvel character Storm made her X-Men debut at just the right time — 1975. The civil rights movement had morphed into the black power movement. Blaxploitation movies with kickass heroines like Foxy Brown had earned cult followings, and socially conscious African Americans embraced the “black is beautiful” philosophy, which hit back at the Eurocentric beauty norms forced on them for generations.

Storm did not appear out of nowhere; this early black comic book heroine reflects the political ethos of an era.

Descended from a long line of priestesses, likely based on the actual rain queens of South Africa, Storm is unambiguously black, albeit with white hair and blue eyes that signal her superpowers. Her mother was a Kenyan princess, and her father was an African-American…

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