Akinola Davies Jr. Is Reclaiming African Treasures Stolen by White Colonizers

Akinola Davies Jr., Untitled (2018). HOD. Courtesy of the artist

That heist scene in Black Panther, where Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) steals African artifacts from the fictional “Museum of Great Britain” made a lot of moviegoers aware of just how much looted art winds up in museums. The inspiration for that damning scene is the real British Museum in London, which has long been criticized for displaying and refusing to return stolen treasures in its collection—including the Benin Bronzes from Nigeria, the Parthenon Marbles from Greece, the Rosetta Stone from Egypt, and the Gweagal shield from Aboriginal Australia.

Last year, Nigerian-British photographer and filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr. paid a visit to the British Museum on a mission: to turn the experience of viewing looted…

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