Ajay Gupta, Riled by South African Graft Inquiry, Denies Charges From Afar

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Marooned outside South Africa, Ajay Gupta has been obsessively following the news from home with increasing frustration. Nearly every day for the past couple of months, witnesses at a high-profile inquiry on corruption have painted his family as the masterminds of the government looting that has engulfed the nation.

The accusations infuriate him. But Mr. Gupta and his two brothers, who left South Africa early this year when President Jacob Zuma was forced out of power, have no plans to go back and give their side of the story — at least not yet. They say they fear wrongful arrests if they return to South Africa, a country where their power appeared uncontested less than a year ago.

The inquiry’s leaders have rejected the Guptas’ offers to testify by video…

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