Ainehi Edoro – African Studies Program – UW–Madison

Ainehi Edoro is a new Assistant Professor at UW-Madison in the fields of African Cultural Studies and English. She teaches and conducts research on African literature, political theory, and literature in social media. Edoro is the founder and Editor of Brittle Paper, a leading online platform dedicated to African writing and literary culture. In this AFRICA IN OUR LIVES, Edoro discusses Brittle Paper and why she feels African literature is so important. 

Ainehi Edoro, founder of Brittle Paper and UW-Madison Associate Professor

Field of Study:
African literature

Benin City, Nigeria

What brought you to Madison?

The opportunity to teach in one of the best institutions in the country.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

I am an online publisher. In 2010, I founded what has become…

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