Africa’s youngest billionaire kidnapped in Tanzania

Adding to the confusion, the city’s police chief, Lazaro Mambosasa, was widely reported as saying that Mr Dewji had been rescued, only to retract the claim later, saying he was misquoted. 

A normally sleepy city, Dar es Salaam is not known for high intrigue, and there has certainly never been a case of white men kidnapping prominent individuals reported before.

However, crime involving well-known figures is on the rise. Wayne Lotter, an elephant conservationist investigating ivory-trafficking networks, was murdered in the city last year.

In September last year, Tundu Lissu, the opposition chief whip and an outspoken critic of President Magufuli, was sprayed with gunfire outside his home in Dodoma, the Tanzanian capital. Doctors in neighbouring Kenya removed nine bullets from his…

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