African Union Election Observation Mission to the 2018 General Elections in the Kingdom Of Eswatini PRELIMINARY STA…


• The Kingdom of Eswatini held primary and secondary level elections on 18 August and 21 September 2018 respectively. The primary level elections were held in each of the country’s chiefdoms to nominate candidates as well as elect the members of the Executive Committee (Bucopho). At the secondary level, two elections were conducted, namely, the Heads of the Executive Committee (Indvuna yeNkhundla) and the members of the House of Assembly from 59 constituencies (Tinkhundla) into which the country is divided in terms of section 80 of the Constitution. The primary and secondary level elections were conducted on the basis of the first-past-the-post system in which a candidate receiving the highest number of votes is elected into office.

• The African Union (AU)…

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