African tourism alarmed by rhino, elephant losses to global poaching and trafficking, Africa News & Top Stories

CAPE TOWN (AFP) – Animal conservation in Africa has suffered several setbacks in recent months, prompting experts at an African tourism conference this week in Cape Town to warn about the cost to the travel industry.

“Obviously it’s negative,” said the African Tourism Association’s (ATA) managing director Naledi Khabo, who spoke at the inaugural event organised by Airbnb.

“Whether it’s people or animals, you see them being killed or slaughtered in such a terrible manner – it has a negative impact.”

Kenya was thrust into the conservation spotlight when an effort to move endangered black rhinos between national parks, launched with great fanfare in June, left 11 of the animals dead.

“It’s very clear it was not managed well by my officers – and we took action on that,” said Kenya’s Tourism…

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