African swine fever outbreak in China: Deadly ASF SPREADING | World | News

China reported its first cases of the deadly ASF in Liaoning province on August 3 and found another outbreak in Zhengzhou in central Henan province two weeks later.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Thursday said ASF has infected 185 pigs on a farm in Wuhu, in eastern Anhui province, China’s fifth outbreak of the deadly disease this month.

Mr Perdue said: ”We think that it probably has been underreported in China – the way they’re able to control their media about that.”

The news has pushed up US hog prices and raised concerns of the disease spreading into other parts of Asia.

ASF has been detected in Russia and Eastern Europe as well as Africa, though never before in East Asia, and is one of the most devastating diseases to affect swine herds.

It would be “devastating” if ASF…

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