African Swine Fever Hits Europe After Multiple China Outbreaks

China experienced four African swine fever outbreaks this August, but the situation is said to be under control. Now, pigs in Europe are said to be affected by the viral disease.  ( Pixabay )

The African swine fever virus reaches Europe after devastating thousands of pigs in China this month. It now affects the second largest farm in Europe with over 130,000 pigs expected to be killed.

What could have caused the outbreak?

4 African Swine Virus Outbreaks In China

Just last Thursday, China officials confirmed an African swine fever outbreak in Wenzhou with 430 ill pigs, 340 of which already died. This is actually the fourth outbreak in the country this month after earlier outbreaks in three different locations where thousands of pigs have already been culled or killed to prevent the spread of the…

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