African Political Economy (AXL 3200F)

Course Convenor: Dr June Bam-Hutchison

Lecturers: Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza & Dr June Bam-Hutchison

Download course outline for 2019 in PDF format

What is the course about?

This third year level course aims to introduce students to critical debates in the political economy of Africa, with specific reference to Sub-Saharan Africa. It focuses on a particular debate that can be traced to Giovanni Arrighi’s critique of the classical model as articulated by Arthur Lewis. The debate was taken a step further by a group of white South Africans, who had received their training in Britain and Europe. They developed a strongly Marxist theory under the theme of “articulation of modes of production”. There was also a group of African and Latin American scholars that got involved in the debate,…

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