African Horse Sickness could wipe out nine in 10 of Britain’s horses if it reaches UK

African Horse Sickness now forms part of the police’s Exotic Animal Disease guidelines, alongside swine fever, west nile virus, bird flu and foot & mouth.

Gail Sprake, Chair of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust said: “Many of Britain’s rare horse breeds are already in danger of dying out, and there is now the added threat of diseases like African Horse Sickness. These are worrying times for all British horses.”

In guidance issued for owners and breeders, The British Horse Society warned owners to be on the look out for the virus. 

“With climate change and an increase in the international movement of horses there is a possibility that AHS could reach Britain, although the risk is not presently considered to be high,” said the BHS.

“However, were AHS to arrive on these shores it is…

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