‘African gangs’ outrage inspires blistering hip-hop hit: ‘I want them to see a different side’ | Music

To understand his new song, Kudzai Chirunga says you have to wait for “the switch”. When it arrives, nearly two minutes into his lament on the “African gangs” debate absorbing Melbourne, you realise he’s right.

The neatly produced video to 4 Deep In The Suburbs – which has racked up more than 125,000 views on Facebook since it was released last week – begins with Kudzai Chirunga and his friends, dressed in all black, walking through a pristine housing estate. “Four deep in the suburbs, as soon as you fall asleep, I’m coming,” he sings over menacing shots of shadowy figures.

But then the turn. First, clips of Channel Seven’s “African gangs” coverage – which has infuriated many in the African-Australian community – before a cameo from Chirunga’s collaborator…

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