African food businesses get nurturing from well-known giants

Fred de Sam Lazaro:

 Soy Afric has grown rapidly in recent years into a five
million dollar a year company, employing 70 people full time.

Critical to the success of companies like Soy Afric are good quality raw
materials. But getting those raw materials to factories can be a

Unlike the developed world where a lot of food is wasted after it reaches
the table or is thrown out of the refrigerator, in developing countries a
lot of the waste happens before it reaches the table. There aren’t enough
silos to store a grain harvest to keep out mold or rodents away. There
aren’t enough roads so that a small farmer can get his milk to a dairy in
time to pasteurize it.

Farmer Peter Kimotho (ph) has just two cows. The partners group helped
develop improved feed for…

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