African Folktales… Digitized? | Liberian Observer

Bwalya Mwali, brain behind the Africa folktales project.

The thought of it conjures up a kind of oxymoron born out of the stereotypical idea that the words “Africa” and “digital” might be friends, but not exactly family. Then, add “folktales” and some might even picture these gems of Africa’s oral tradition as orphans in the digital space.

African is a home to thousands of beautiful folktales, yet many of them are not written, let alone digitalized. This is an embarrassing situation, which leaves Africa’s growing Diaspora populations with little or no knowledge of the continent’s rich cultural heritage. And younger Diaspora generations are left to consume to adopt the cultures and identities of their foreign hosts.

As a result of this embarrassing situation, Bwalya Mwali…

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