African culture showcased in Black Panther empowers African-Americans, women | Local

Wearing a Zulu headband, a Xhosa necklace and a Basotho blanket with a Ndebele pin, Veli Thipe walked into Forum 8 for a showing of Black Panther. Each accessory represented a tribe that was featured in the record-breaking Marvel movie that hit theaters earlier this month. Thipe is a Fulbright exchange student from South Africa who is getting his doctorate in chemistry at MU.  He speaks six languages, one of which was featured in the film. 

“I felt like ‘wow,’ for the first time,” Thipe said. “Especially with the movie with this magnitude, I was surprised that they used one of the South African languages.” 

Thipe speaks isiXhosa, the language of clicks. It was a major language spoken by…

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