African countries test their capacity to respond to a deadly global flu pandemic | WHO

Brazzaville, 4 December 2018 – A simulation of a response to a deadly global flu pandemic involving more than 40 countries, including 10 on the African continent is taking place 4-6 December, 2018. This highly complex exercise is coordinated by the World Health Organization’s Global Emergency Operations Centre (WHO EOC) and by the EOC Network, a  network of health emergency operations centres.

A century ago, a devastating influenza pandemic swept the globe with unimaginable speed, and wiped out at least 50 million people.  The 1918 flu remains one of the deadliest outbreaks on record.

“The threat of a deadly pandemic flu outbreak persists and it is essential that countries in the African region strengthen their capacities to respond by participating in these simulation exercises,”…

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