African Children’s Choir returns to Australia, rescuing Ugandans from slums and providing an education


May 11, 2018 10:12:57

Emmanual Mutsinzi is one of 14 students in the UBUNTU African Children’s Choir singing his way around the country on their Australian tour, but life wasn’t always this good for the 21-year-old Ugandan.

He was raised by his Aunt in the Kampala slum settlement in Kasubi, one of Uganda’s biggest, noisiest and most dangerous slums.

In the Kampala slums it is not uncommon for one father to be supporting six or more families, and there is limited opportunity to receive an education because there is not free access to schooling in Uganda.

Mr Mutsinzi said if he had not been scouted by the African Children’s Choir when he was in primary school, his life would have been very different.

“Growing up there, children…

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