African-Australian rapper KUDZAI takes aim at gang stereotypes


August 21, 2018 09:10:26

The video for KUDZAI’s 4 Deep In The Suburbs starts off menacingly — a police siren wails, and four figures clad in black walk down a quiet street.

When the lyrics to the Melbourne rapper’s new track — featuring his friend Tjay Gonera, aka Papi — kick in, it seems like the kind of nod to indulgence and violence that crops up often in hip hop.

“I see you got it all and I want it, fast cars and your woman,” Kudzai Chirunga sings.

“As soon as you fall asleep I’m coming, and if I see lights I’m running.”

But then there’s a break, and you hear audio snippets of commercial TV news reports about the much-debated problem of crime in Melbourne and whether young African-Australians are overrepresented among…

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