African-American teenagers create app to save teens from suicide

American teen suicide rates have been on the increase since 2007.

To address the issue, two teenagers, Hannah and Charles Lucas, came up with an app called NotOk, to help save teens from suicide.

The inspiration for the app came from a personal experience.

Hannah, who suffers from postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a disorder affecting the nervous system.  Due to her condition, she had a constant fear of being alone, which quickly spiralled into anxiety and depression.  She suffered bullying to the point of attempting suicide.

It was at one of her lowest moments that the idea of notOK was born.

Charles, who saw how devastated his sister was, was sad that she could not offer any help.  Not only was he too young to drive but also too young to help his sister when she faints.

Once he heard…

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