African-American teen says black people are ‘ghetto’

An African-American teen who insists she’s white and calls black people “fat and gross” has created a national firestorm.

Sixteen-year-old Treasure appeared on the Dr. Phil show this week with her mother, Monique, and brother, Kendal, to discuss the teen’s core belief that she is Caucasian. “My hair is not nappy … my nose is not giant, and my lips are perfect,” explained Treasure. “Most African-Americans speak ‘ghetto’” and are “ugly.”

The teen claimed, “I act and I think like a white person,” and said she believes she is “completely and utterly better than” African-Americans. “Black people think in a criminal way,” she said. “They’re really dangerous. If an African-American is on the same street as I am, I will cross the street to avoid their chaotic,…

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