African American Male Wellness Walk offers free life-saving health screenings

COLUMBUS (WMCH) – It takes stepping on the scale to make a health change and Kevin Bolding did just that. 

“I stepped up on the scale that’s when I had a problem. I stepped up at 264 pounds,” said Bolding.

It was last summer at the African American Male Wellness Walk where he discovered that he was tipping over the scale. At that moment he vowed to make a change, having learned about the benefits of juicing at the walk. 

“I told my wife since you have me here you’re going to join in and we started juicing. And I dropped 22 pounds within the first 4 to 5 weeks,” Bolding said.

The National African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative is the largest health initiative for minorities in the state. 

Established right here in Columbus 15 years ago, the walk aims to…

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