African-American family celebrates their 5th generation of women college graduates

Charles Town, Va. – There was once a time, where if you were African-American, you would not be able to go to school past 8th grade.
“My mother was a perfect example of what you’re articulating. She grew up in West Virginia. She was not allowed to be educated past the 8th grade in the state of West Virginia at that time, and she had to leave her family and go to St.Paul’s college in Lawrenceville, Virginia. She finished high school there and subsequently went to college,” said 4th generation college student, Marion Taylor-Key. 

Marion Taylor-Key is a member of the Tolbert family and is proud to say that she is part of the 4th generation of African-American women who have graduated college in her family. Her daughter Kayla, just graduated from Hampton University, which makes…

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