‘African air plume’ to bring temperatures of up to 27C to Ireland by the end of the month

It’s been a freezing winter, and a cold start to Spring, but it seems that Ireland is finally set for a bit of sunshine.

By next week, it’s predicted that temperatures could hit as high as 27 DEGREES as an ‘African air plume’ makes it way across Europe.

It’s 1,500 miles wide and will hit Europe by the start of the week, RSVP Live reports .

The ‘African air plume’ will be arriving on Monday from North Africa, moving across Southern Europe until it reaches the UK and Ireland.

And in the UK, the Met Office has forecast temperatures of up to a hot 25C from Thursday, as the mercury continues to rise across the week.

The wonderful sunshine coming to Ireland could make this the hottest April in seven years – even beating Malibu, California.

Sunshine in Dublin

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