Africa: South African Universities Ranked Best African Institutions of Higher Learning

The Centre for World University Rankings has released its 2018 ranking. It shows that the University of Witwatersrand located in Johannesburg has lost the Top African University title after four years to the University of Cape Town.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has been ranked the top university in Africa by the Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR). UCT was ranked 191th in the world, placing it in the top 200 globally. It left quite a gap between itself and the second top university, Stellenbosch University, at position 361. Stellenbosch was ranked slightly ahead of Wits, which took third position at 364 internationally.

On the list of about 950 universities, only 18 African universities made the rankings, with South African universities dominating the top 10. Wits…

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