Africa May Be Splitting Apart into Two Continents

Our placid blue marble may look static, but Earth’s constantly shifting nature often reveals itself in dramatic fashion, as evidenced by a massive crack that recently appeared in East Africa. Last month, the crack, 50 feet wide and 50 feet deep in some places, appeared in Kenya. Geologists say the several-miles-long crack is evidence that the continent could eventually split in two.

Following heavy rains and seismic activity in the area, the crack quickly opened up on March 19, reports Face 2 Face Africa, splitting the Nairobi-Narok highway, snaking through farmland in Narok County, Kenya, and even splitting houses in two. This geological phenomenon, part of the East African Rift, gives scientists a preview of what could come in 10 of millions of years. The rift, formed by two tectonic plates…

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