Africa has viewed both President Khamas with skepticism

Echoing a sentiment that was widely shared in the Colonial Office, the Bechuanaland Protectorate’s last Resident Commissioner, Peter Fawcus, insisted that the granting of independence to the future state of Botswana must be “conditional on a bill of rights.”

That phrase now forms part of the title of an explosive academic paper (“Conditional on a Bill of Rights”: Race and Human Rights in the Constitution of Botswana, 1960-66”) written by Dr. James Kirby of La Trobe University in Australia. Kirby’s thesis is that the bill of rights put the economic interests of a white minority before those of a black majority. He further asserts that by embracing that bill of rights, the Botswana Democratic Party ostracized itself from other African countries. 

“The bill of rights enshrining…

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