Afrakan Professor Brings Truth to Light

They say that Human intelligence is increasing as Time expands. They also say that Humanity has made it out of the Dark Ages and is now experiencing an age of enlightenment. There is an Afrakan Professor however, that says that that enlightenment that they are referring to is a LIE! There are very few people alive who have the gall to make such a bold statement unless they are willing to challenge the very foundation of this so-called civilization that we exist in. One of them is Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought.

Professor MOmOH says that humanity has completely overlooked the importance of Darkness. He says that Darkness is the source, the essence, the SPIRIT of all existence. He explains that while Darkness and Light is a duality they are certainly not equal. Light could never exist without darkness because Light came out of Darkness. Humanity has forgotten that and has put more emphasis on Light. That is why the world now suffers from SPIRITUAL deficiency. But, that is not a coincidence as those who now control the planet have no SPIRIT.

99% of the physical Universe exists in Darkness which is supported by Pure Dark Energy Waves. Pure Dark Energy Waves exist outside of Space and Time and is the mother force that is the source of all the forces in the known Universe. The Pineal Gland in the Brain is a conduit to the energy of the Dark Universe which is why only people who can produce enough Melatonin have a SPIRIT. Those people whose Pineal Glands have calcified and have ceased to function properly can only mimic the SPIRIT. That is why their brain compensated to anthropomorphize the SPIRIT into the form of imaginary gods.

Life was created for the light, which is how Pure Dark Energy Waves are able to communicate the physical universe it created. Unfortunately Life has been thrown off track by those who rely on the gratification of their Senses and not acCOUNTability to Life. Fortunately the Universe is in the process of correcting itself and we as Humans will begin to notice that correction by 2042 when powerful Electro-magnetic forces begin to make changes to the planet’s weather and geology again.

Most Afrakans have been victimized by the SPIRITLESS people of this world. The light that they claim to create is merely an illusion that holds most people in a state of mental trauma. Symptoms of this condition include; fear, self destructiveness, and a longing to be rescued by the illusionary god. “Fear not”, says Professor MOmOH. We have the opportunity to survive the catastrophe that will wipe out most life on this planet. We need to begin to take back our minds by learning to control the energy of our mind through learning to Concentrate properly.

For over 20 years Professor MOmOh has been designing mental Concentration tools to fight the dis-jointed mental condition that makes most AfRAkans lazy, unmotivated, and trapped in procrastination. Contact Professor MOmOh today for more info on how to return your consciousness and Spiritually and become a functioning Human being. Professor MOmOh

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