How Afraka Get Scammed By Religion

A Zimbabwean man during this time of European imperialism said the following:

“When you [Europeans] came, you had the and we [Africans] had the land. Now, we have the and you have the land”.

What do you think he means and describe what he implies about the impact of on ?

The Zimbabwean man spoke with pure . He is saying that before the Europeans invaded , belonged to Afrakans, which is oxymoronic because before Europeans Afrakans took no ownership of the land. The concept of land ownership did not make sense, which is why it was so easy for Europeans to claim ownership, but I digress.  

In playing by his rules they [Europeans] acknowledged that Afrakans own the land by default, having occupied it since creation. Therefore, they [Europeans] could not gain ownership unless some sort of exchange took place. It was then that they [Europeans] devised a twisted plan they call (the exchange of Salvation).

In other words, they came to save AfRAkans from the Sin of not knowing God and in exchange they claimed the land for their empires in Europe. The funny part is that they didn’t do it to trick AfRAkans, they did it to protect themselves from their own . (tribal conquests between European nations)    

A lot of Afrakans are still mentally enslaved by this religious belief today. They will not reclaim their land from the imperialists in Europe because they want to be good Christians. Likewise, they will not reclaim their land from the Arabs because they want to be good Muslims.

Isn’t it ironic that Zimbabwe is one of the only countries to reclaim their land from European imperialists?