Ads We Like: Royal Caribbean challenges Instagram satirist Celeste Barber to recreate a holiday at home

Famed for mimicking the most ridiculous social media posts from celebrities and models, Celeste Barber has now been challenged by Royal Caribbean to try and recreate its holidays at home.

The #cruisechallengeaccepted is a play on Barber’s own #Celestechallengeaccepted, in which she recreates poses and posts by beautiful Instagrammers, adding a satirical level of reality to them.

The aim of the campaign is to show Australians that cruise ships themselves can be a holiday for families, with Barber running through the different features of the boats. When Barber fails to recreate the experiences on dry land, she eventually decides to book a cruise herself, exhausted from the effort it has taken to try and do it at home.

Barber, said: “How could I resist this challenge? On a Royal Caribbean…

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