Adorable and Unlikely Animal Encounters in Africa

It’s not an uncommon sight to see an Egret at the foot of a cow, or buffalo in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa, where this stunning image was captured by Big 5 Research and Conservation volunteer Axelle Lot. But do you know why? With every footstep, these large mammals stir insects laying in the grass – an easy meal for the waiting Egret. Sometimes, you may even see them riding on the buffalo’s back, picking off ticks and keeping these large beasts spic-and-span. A beautifully symbiotic relationship, if you ask us. Originally from Africa, Egrets have found their way to North America, and have a very flexible diets, sometimes even eating other birds!

Buffalo, on the other hand, have a pretty strict diet of grass and herbs. That doesn’t mean they’re not one to watch out…

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