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Once upon a time, in the shadow of a valley in northern KwaZulu-Natal, there lived a little girl by the name of Yolanda Mzozoyana.

The town was called Dundee, and it was famous, among other things, for the beauty of its mountains: “Indumeni” (where the thunder rolls), “Mpati” (the place of good waters), “Talana” (the shelf where precious items are kept).

Many traders, explorers, hunters and warriors wandered through Dundee over the years, and it was here, on the slopes of a hill, that the first shots were fired in a mighty war between the British and the Boers.

But the hills, too, would later reveal their ancient secret, in the form of a dark, jagged rock that drew fortune-seekers from near and afar.

The legend says that if you take a lump of coal, and you apply enough force…

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