A weather app was trying to rip off South African users – and may have been stealing their data

(Google Play screenshot via Secure-D)

  • Security researchers say an app pre-installed on some Alcatel phones and popular on the Google Play Store tried to rip off users, and stole their data.
  • The application com.tct.weather, known as “Weather-Simple weather forecast”, also stole personal information.
  • Activity from the rogue app was detected in several countries – including South Africa.

South Africans may have had their data depleted by a rogue weather app on Android phones that reportedly stole personal information, tried to sign users up to premium services, and pretended to be people clicking on ads.

The app, known as “Weather-Simple weather forecast”, came pre-installed on some Alcatel phones and was downloaded more than 10 million times.

For at least several weeks in July and…

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