A systematic review and meta-analysis of the human blood index of the major African malaria vectors


The proportion of mosquito blood-meals that are of human origin, referred to as the ‘human blood index’ or HBI, is a key determinant of malaria transmission. We conducted a systematic review of the HBI for the major African malaria vectors. Evidence is presented for higher HBI among Anopheles gambiae (M/S forms and An. coluzzii/An. gambiae s.s. are not distinguished for most studies and therefore combined) as well as An. funestus when compared with An. arabiensis (prevalence odds ratio adjusted for whether mosquitoes were caught indoors and outdoors: 1.61 95%CI 1.08-2.39; 1.84 95%CI 1.35-2.52, respectively). This finding is in keeping with the entomological literature which describes An. arabiensis to be more zoophagic than the other major African vectors. However, meta-analysis also…

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