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Dear Editor,

Fenton Harcourt William Ramsahoye passed away on or about the 27th December, 2018 in Barbados at the age of 89. Being out of the jurisdiction at the time, one was not able to pay tribute to a man who was a giant on the Caribbean legal landscape and was held by the writer in awe and reverence over a period of 45 years.

The following words of tribute are now being proffered.

I always initiated our conversations whether on the phone or face to face by referring to him as “The Doctor, what surgery are you performing now?”. Those words were uttered out of a sense of respect for my elders and seniors; I could never bring myself to call him to his face Fenton.

My first encounter with the “Doctor” was in 1974 in a Courtroom in Guyana when I was a rookie Junior on the other side in a…

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