A check-in on the random former Yankees still playing in winter leagues

Look up a Yankees roster from the last 10 years. Find a random player who you had completely forgotten about. See what they’re doing now. There’s a decent chance they’re playing in one of the Caribbean winter leagues.

The winter leagues are a fixture of the MLB offseason, and feature a bunch of former or current major leaguers. For obvious reasons, there’s not exactly a ton of stars. In looking through this year’s rosters, the most notable names are probably Willians Astudillo and Daniel Norris.

As you might expect, the rosters include a number of “ghosts of the Yankees’ past.” Shockingly, uh, not a lot of them are doing that great.

Perhaps the funniest combination of former Yankees are on the Cardenales de Lara in the Venezuelan Winter League. Both Jesus Montero and…

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