4 men appear in court in Grenada on a charge of murdering Jamaican national

Four fishermen appeared in a Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with murdering Jamaican Norman Power, a food truck vendor who was allegedly stabbed to death last week.

The men, 23-year-old Anthony Chase, 25-year-old Rafeem Andrew, 33-year-old Clint Toussaint and 23-year-old Tyrone Francis, all from the west coast village of Grand Roy, are reported to have killed 52-year-old Power over the sale of a portion of jerk chicken.

The police said that the Jamaican, better known as “Yardie” was operating his mobile business close to the National Stadium on the outskirts of the capital when he got into an altercation with the men over the price of the chicken.

Media reports said that one of the men became upset when told that the chicken was being sold at EC$10 instead of the…

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