4 Irish bulls to participate in African nation’s breeding programme

Four pedigree Irish bulls sourced by Bothar are set to participate in an African nation’s breeding programme.

The aid agency was contacted by the Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources to source the bulls for its ‘One Cow Per Family’ programme, which aims to break the country’s rural poverty cycle.

The ‘GIRINKA’ programme, as it is known in Rwanda, has reportedly reduced rates of childhood malnutrition, increased employment and provides a stable income for the country’s poorest – many of whom live in desolate rural areas.

To date, more than 300,000 families have benefited from the programme, according to Bothar.

Two Holstein Friesian bulls and two Jersey bulls – named Connacht, Laighean, Mumha and Uladh after the four Irish provinces – were sourced…

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