3 Standout African Restaurants in Phoenix

When most people think about eating in Phoenix, they likely don’t think about eating African food. And that’s too bad. Our metropolitan area is more diverse than many realize. Yes, there’s worthwhile African food to be found here, food from across the continent. You can find tangy injera heaped with half a dozen Ethiopian stews. You can find Somali goat, Egyptian coffee, and spicy West African ground nut soup. You can find so much more if only you open your mind. Here are three scrumptious African eateries to start.

Goat: one of the two most popular meats in Somalia.

Chris Malloy

5050 East McDowell Road
“If you’re going to invite somebody in your home in Somalia, you cook goat,” says Basheir Elmi, owner and host of Waamo. For his signature goat dish, he cooks “everything…

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