28 African Americans with Bay Area ties who made history

Bonus: Here are a few more to hold you over in a leap years, when February has 29 days.

There are a ton of African Americans who have made history and have ties to the Bay Area. So many, in fact, that we couldn’t include them all in this gallery. Here are a few more for those years when Black History Month is a bit longer.

They are (top row, l to r) En Vogue, one of the top-selling female musical groups of all time, Marshawn Lynch, the record-breaking running back for Oakland Tech and Cal football, Belva Davis, the first African American TV news reporter on the West Coast, David Blackwell, the first African American professor to receive tenure at UC Berkeley, (bottom row, l to r) Mildred Howard, an award-winning visual artist, Boots Riley, a legendary rapper and award-winning screenwriter, Debra…

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