24 South African words newly added to the Oxford Dictionary

With 11 official languages (12 including sign languages), South Africa has an eclectic mix of expressions – stuff we all understand even if speak only one language.

And we know there are some Afrikaans words that we just can’t translate, cause they are just so lekker all on their own. Afrikaans was even voted one of the sexiest accents – yes, really.

It’s no surprise, then that a bunch of South Africanism have made their way into the Oxford Dictionary.

In a post detailing the additions, Oxford explained things like loan words and words that have transformed over the years. It also touches on some other well-known expressions, such as howzit and ja well no fine.

The post notes

In South Africa, a sandwich is a sarmie; a casual greeting of ‘how’s it going?’ is shortened to ‘howzit?’;…

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