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The Sir George Williams Affair and the Caribbean – Stabroek News

By Ronald Cummings

Ronald Cummings teaches Caribbean literature

 in the Department of English at B

rock University, Canada.

On March 15, 1969 an editorial appeared in the short-lived Jamaican weekly newspaper Abeng, titled “Canada’s White Lies”. The editorial reflected on the events of the previous month in Canada, centring its consideration on what has become known as the Sir George Williams Affair. Only one month earlier, on February 11, 1969, nearly 100 protestors at the Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) had been arrested (including Joey Jagan, son of Cheddi Jagan) when riot police stormed the university’s computer centre that the students had been occupying for about two weeks. The students were protesting the University’s failure to meaningfully acknowledge…

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Organisers settle on stable window for Caribbean tournament – Stabroek News

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Caribbean Premier League organisers and Cricket West Indies have settled on a stable window for the popular Twenty20 championship, which will see it continue to be played in August and September for the next five years.

Principals of both organisations confirmed that the window for the tournament will run from August 21 to September 27.

For the last two years, the CPL has been played during the same months and chief operating officer, Pete Russell, said the new development would ensure fans now associated the time period with the tournament.

“We are very pleased to be playing our tournament in August and September for the third successive year and we have now agreed that this will be the time of year that CPL takes place for the next five seasons,”  Russell…

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A giant on the Caribbean legal landscape – Stabroek News

Dear Editor,

Fenton Harcourt William Ramsahoye passed away on or about the 27th December, 2018 in Barbados at the age of 89. Being out of the jurisdiction at the time, one was not able to pay tribute to a man who was a giant on the Caribbean legal landscape and was held by the writer in awe and reverence over a period of 45 years.

The following words of tribute are now being proffered.

I always initiated our conversations whether on the phone or face to face by referring to him as “The Doctor, what surgery are you performing now?”. Those words were uttered out of a sense of respect for my elders and seniors; I could never bring myself to call him to his face Fenton.

My first encounter with the “Doctor” was in 1974 in a Courtroom in Guyana when I was a rookie Junior on the other side in a…

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Global coconut profile opening huge opportunity for Caribbean economies. But will they seize it? – Stabroek News

What is being regarded globally as a breakthrough period for the coconut industry linked to skyrocketing demand for coconut water, oil and other products is being regarded as an opportunity for the region which it cannot afford to pass up.

For sure, global coconut production is dominated by the Asian continent and however much the coconut industry might grow in the Caribbean it cannot hope to match production levels in Asia. Coconut, however, brings other benefits to Caribbean economies including the opportunities which it provides in the vast agro processing sector afforded by the facility of the fruit and the export markets. More than that, the economic opportunities afforded by the coconut industry already play a significant role in poverty alleviation in some countries in the region by…

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CCJ is one of the greatest accomplishments of the regional integration movement – Stabroek News

Dear Editor,

I suspect that the primary reason why the people of Grenada and Antigua & Barbuda voted on 6th November 2018 not to accept the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their highest national Court of Appeal is because – fundamentally – most of our people do not really know much about the Caribbean Court of Justice!

 And the truth is that we Caribbean people do not really know very much about the CCJ simply because the institutions and officials that should have been consistently informing and educating us about the CCJ and our other significant regional institutions over the years have not done enough.

 It is important that we fully grasp the fact that the CCJ is our organization! The Caribbean Court of Justice was established by the fifteen member nations of our Caribbean Community…

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Switchbacks sign Caribbean trio to new contracts – Stabroek News

COLORADO SPRINGS, United States, CMC – Jamaican midfielders Shane Malcolm and Saeed Robinson, along with Trinidadian defender Jamal Jack, have been re-signed by Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC for the upcoming 2019 United Soccer League season.

The club said the trio were important to the side and had kept hold of the them to ensure stability, especially with several other changes expected to be made.

“With as much turnover we will have on the team, it’s important to have players familiar with the club,” said Switchbacks head coach Steve Trittschuh.

“These three contributed a lot last season and I expect them to perform even better in 2019.”

Malcolm, 27, was born in Jamaica but represents Guam in the western Pacific, through his paternal grandmother.

Over the past two seasons, he has…

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