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Before Black Lung, The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster Killed Hundreds

Southern West Virginia is a playground for hikers, cyclists and rock climbers, but in the heart of that lush landscape rests the site of what many consider the worst industrial disaster in American history.

Today, from a picturesque overlook on the mountain above, tourists can see the gate of the Hawks Nest Tunnel, located on the New River in Gauley Bridge. There, water rushes through 16,240 feet of steel and rock.

But almost 90 years ago, thick clouds of dust blurred the eyes and choked the lungs of workers inside the tunnel. The project attracted thousands of men, hoping to find work during the Great Depression. Three-fourths were African-Americans fleeing the South.

“To these men, going to West Virginia was like going to heaven — a new land, a new promised land — and when they got here,…

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Meet the Brisbane couple curing hundreds of shunned African women

Barbara Hall, assisted by her husband John Taylor, operates on a woman in Uganda.

At the end of a bumpy eight-hour jeep ride to south-west Uganda, women wait eagerly on the grass outside the hospital for the arrival of a group of Brisbane surgeons.

Many have been camping outside for days, waiting for a bed to free up inside.

These women are outcasts, suffering the pain and humiliation of horrific gynaecological conditions. One has been bed-bound for three years. Witchcraft is blamed for the condition of others.

The plight of these women has inspired one of Brisbane’s most respected gynaecologists, Barbara Hall, to give up her thriving practice six years ago to become a volunteer surgeon in Africa. Her husband John Taylor, a retired general…

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Family describes cruise that returned after hundreds of passengers sickened

MATTHEWS, N.C. – Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas returned to a Florida port Saturday, a day early, and the company gave passengers full refunds of their fare after 475 guests and crew members were hit with an outbreak of norovirus as the ship sailed to Jamaica.

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Hundreds sick on Royal Caribbean cruise

NBC, (WILX) – A nightmare cruise is going from bad to worse as hundreds of passengers are now sick in their rooms at sea.

The Oasis of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships in the world, is headed back to a Florida port a day early.

In all, more than 400 Of the 8,400 passenger on board have been quarantined, confined to their cabins, likely with norovirus which causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Crew members who are not ill are scrambling to sanitize the ship.

Colby Hochmuth says four of the 13 friends and family in her group felt miserable.

“Members of the crews are…

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WATCH: Hundreds of passengers sickened on Royal Caribbean ship

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Royal Caribbean cruise returning early after hundreds of passengers get sick

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. — Two-hundred-seventy-seven passengers and crew members aboard the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas cruise ship …
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