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Understanding mobile usage and experience in Africa

More and more people relying on their connected smartphones and devices to keep in contact with the world, run their businesses and facilitate online education.

However, Africa has largely lagged behind the rest of the world in the adoption of smartphones.

Open Signal, a mobile analytics company, looks at what the typical mobile experience is for users across Africa, focusing specifically on their connection speeds.

Ultimately, a smartphone is a gateway to the Internet with the majority of productivity applications leveraging the power of the world wide web to deliver value to their users.

With this in mind, the relative quality of Internet access will have a direct impact on the viability of smartphones in the emerging African mobile markets….

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France summons Italian envoy over Africa ‘colonisation’ comments

Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio repeated his view that French policy in Africa was a cause of poverty and migration, hours after France summoned the Italian ambassador to Paris to protest his assertions.

“France is one of those countries that, by printing money for 14 African states, prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts,” EDi Maio told reporters, echoing the views of many left-wing activists.

Di Maio was referring to the CFA franc. The currency is used in 14 west and central African nations and tied to the euro at a fixed exchange rate, with the peg guaranteed by France.

Di Maio, who leads the populist Five Star Movement (M5S), said the European Union should “address the…

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France summons Italian ambassador over deputy PM’s Africa comments

France summoned Italian ambassador Teresa Castaldo on Monday following comments made by Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio over the weekend, in which he accused France of manipulating African countries and exacerbating the migration crisis.

Speaking in Italy’s Abruzzo region, Di Maio said he believed France would drop in the rankings of the world’s largest economies had it not been for “what it is doing in Africa.”

“If we have people who are leaving Africa now it’s because some European countries, and France in particular, have never stopped colonising Africa,” he said.

“If France didn’t have its African colonies, because that’s what they should be called, it would be the 15th largest world economy. Instead it’s among the first, exactly because of what it is doing in…

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France summons Italian envoy over ‘hostile’ Africa remarks | World news

France’s foreign ministry has summoned the Italian ambassador in an escalating row over migrant arrivals in Europe that pits the centrist government of Emmanuel Macron against Italy’s far-right-populist coalition.

Teresa Castaldo was summoned over “hostile” remarks made by the Italian deputy prime minister, Luigi Di Maio.

Di Maio, who leads the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), told a rally in the central Abruzzo region on Sunday: “If today people are leaving Africa is it because some European countries, with France taking the lead, have never stopped colonising tens of African states?”

He called on the EU to sanction France for “impoverishing Africa” and for migrants to be taken to the southern French port of Marseille instead of Italy. An estimated 170 people were…

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France summons Italian envoy over Africa remarks

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Luigi di Maio accused France of fuelling migration by damaging the economies of African states

France has summoned Italy’s ambassador after the Italian deputy prime minister accused the French of exploiting Africa and fuelling migration.

On Sunday, Luigi di Maio called on the European Union to impose sanctions on France for its policies in Africa.

He said France had “never stopped colonising tens of African states”.

Italy’s populist leadership has repeatedly clashed with France in recent months, on issues such as migration, protests and culture.

Why are these neighbours arguing?


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Russia: Vladimir Putin’s pivot to Africa

As protests raged in Zimbabwe’s cities last week, with police firing live ammunition at crowds who barricaded roads with burning tyres, the target of their anger was 8,000km away.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had sparked the unrest by raising fuel prices amid an economic crisis in the southern African country, was instead strolling through the Kremlin for talks with President Vladimir Putin, the first of what Moscow hopes will be many visits by African leaders this year.

Amid deteriorating relations with western countries, a diplomatic campaign to win new friends and partners in Africa is at the forefront of a sweeping foreign policy pivot by Moscow, as it seeks fresh alliances to bolster its global geopolitical clout.

From Algeria to Uganda, Russia is building influence in Africa,…

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