Super-Rare African Black Leopard Photographed After Years of Eluding Cameras

Biologists have been searching for more proof of the African black leopard in Kenya for years, and as CNN reports, they finally managed to capture new photographs of the large cat in the wild. After a number of reported sightings of the cat started surfacing, global conservation scientist Nick Pilford managed to snap what’s been reported as the first photographs of the African black leopard since 1909.

This claim has been disputed, as it appears Phoebe Okall got a pic of the cat in 2013 for Kenya’s Daily Nation: 

“We intensified our camera placement in the area the reports were being made,” said Pilford of the new shot. “Within a few months, we were rewarded with multiple observations on our cameras.” It took months of waiting for them to be able to capture footage and photographs of…

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