Small bites: West African dinner at the West End Bakery and Café

“I have always loved cooking, but my first passion has always been music,” says Agya Boakye-Boaten, director of Africana studies at UNC Asheville. On Sunday, Feb. 24, the master drummer will combine his two lifelong interests in his inaugural West African-themed dinner, Mukase, at West End Bakery and Café.

The evening will begin with an optional drumming lesson taught by Boakye-Boaten and Adama Dembele, a 33rd-generation djembe player from Ivory Coast. The tutorial, which can accommodate up to 20 players, will be first-come, first-served.

Following the music lesson, food will be served, including spicy beef or mushroom kabobs, yam balls made with locally grown sweet potatoes and kelewele (fried plantain). Diners can anticipate notes of curry, garlic, peanut flour and ginger among the…

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